Project ANNO

Sell-Side Beratung – Deutschland


As part of the ANNO project, Edelweiss is advising a foreign investor on the sale of two real estate properties in Germany. The transaction focus is on maximizing the value of the properties. The transaction volume of both properties amounts to approximately € 40 million, and due to their characteristics, an increase in value can be expected in the future

Management quote:

“The strong collaboration with Edelweiss’ transaction team allows us to reach out to potential investors globally and internationally, to which access would not be possible without Edelweiss’ capabilities .”


Through international relationships with diverse investors, the sale of Real Estate properties is conducted under the premise of discretion. The global buyer approach creates an efficient and dynamic investor search and combines the expertise of Edelweiss with the highest quality of the real estate properties.


"Project Anno is considered an example of Edelweiss Corporate Finance's Real - Estate division using M&A valuation approaches to maximize the sale price."

Nicolas Trabold
Managing Partner

"Edelweiss' international focus and expertise, combined with our client's close collaboration, will enable a successful handover to a suitable investor."

Christos Ntafopoulos
Managing Partner