Business valuation

“Know thyself” – Oracle of Delphi. This already formed the basic maxim of antiquity. Even today, in order to successfully manage a company, one should first and foremost know oneself and one’s company from all perspectives and set the course for a long-term increase in the value of the company. We are experts in business valuation.

Why every entrepreneur needs a business valuation

The vast majority of small and medium-sized entrepreneurs do not know what their own company is worth or how a valuation works. It is an absolute advantage to know the exact value of your company and to position yourself better vis-à-vis competitors, business partners, financiers or banks and to negotiate without any information disadvantage. You may increase turnover over the years, but you do not know the fundamental drivers that ultimately flow into the value of the company. We show you the exact company value, analyse the drivers behind and teach you to adjust the right screws to generate a long-term increase in company value.

Professional valuation
Exact company value
Value drivers and adjusting screws
Company sale
Sustainable value creation
Negotiating position
Pioneer of the industry
Expansion plans

Our requirements for you:

You want more turnover, profit and a greater enterprise value.
You want to better understand the value drivers of your company and the industry and clearly differentiate yourself from the competition.

Our services

  1. We develop the perfect valuation concept.
  2. We are experts with many years of experience in the field of business valuation. We provide a fundamental company valuation using the following methods:
    Discounted cash flow (DCF), multiples method (peer group analysis), capitalised earnings method and net asset value method.
  3. We identify and analyse the value drivers of your company.
  4. We determine the fair value of your assets.
  5. We implement assumptions on the planned growth in turnover.

Our added value

  1. We advise you on developing the vision of your operational business model and identify measures to increase efficiency and turnover.
  2. We monitor the progress of the jointly initiated measures and conduct feedback discussions on the implementation of individual drivers with regard to the value development of the company.
  3. Together we discuss success factors, opportunities and risks which will have a leverage effect on the company value in the future.
  4. We help you to identify and solve obstacles and problems at an early stage and thereby increase the value of your company in the long term.
  5. Our aim is to provide tailor-made solutions for your business while creating sustainable added value.

Our valuation approach

Step 1:

Free initial consultation. Analysis of the company and sending of relevant documents.

Step 2:

Managing director interview and detailed discussion of all factors. Performance of the company valuation and identification of the drivers by the valuation experts of Edelweiss.

Step 3:

Sending of the individual expert opinion or valuation report and advisor day with extensive training for managing directors on how to maximise the value of the company in the long term.

Case Studies: We have evaluated

An excerpt from our valuation case studies

Starbucks Corp. Inc
Louis Vuitton SAS
Petrobras S.A
Kohler Co.
SME from the sensor technology sector
SME from the field of testing equipment and instruments
SME in the field of planning and development of livestock facilities
SME from the plastic packaging sector
SME from the solid and corrugated board sector
SME from the plastics recycling sector
SME from the logistics sector
Chinese SME from the logistics services sector
SME gastronomy businesses

From the financial capital of Europe, Frankfurt am Main, we are the partner for clients from all over the world.