Edelweiss manages company sale

16.09.2021 – Frankfurt/Main – Company Sale

Drastic aging of managing directors SMEs. More than 50% of business owner are already over 55 years old. The urge for a structured succession within family businesses is additionally strengthened in particular by the Corona crisis. Thus, company sales will become a megatrend in the coming years!

What solutions do we see for the long-term preservation of small and medium-sized businesses?

1. Values and norms of family businesses as well as jobs must be preserved – In this context, profound and structured concepts for a regulated succession solution are indispensable.

2. The high complexity and the duration of a company sale should not be underestimated. We recommend to think about a company sale at an early stage and to seek professional exchange with specialists.

3. Finally, we recommend in the long-term the development and promotion of a better start-up culture in Germany, whereby company succession (MBI) is also seen as the new start-up.

At Edelweiss Corporate Finance we lead a structured succession process for company sellers in Germany and international, working under the premises of maximizing the value of the company and preserving the values and the entire life’s work of our mandates.